Portrait by Veronica Rafael

Portrait by Veronica Rafael


Pili Restrepo conceived her namesake fine jewelry line with a clear purpose in mind: to create singular pieces that empower the wearer and raise awareness about the damaging effects of artisanal gold mining. Artisanal gold mining is one of the most substantial causes of global mercury contamination and poses a significant health risk to the miners and their families.  Mercury is a persistent pollutant - it does not break down in the environment - and an estimated 10 to 15 million miners in 70 countries, including approximately 3 million women and children, depend on small-scale gold mining as means of survival.

Mercury Watch, an organization "dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and publicly serving information about mercury released to the environment," affirms that "artisanal scale gold mining is the single largest demand for mercury in the world. An estimated 1,400 tons of mercury were used by artisanal scale gold mining miners globally in 2011.”

Pili uses her designs to encourage others to think mindfully about how the materials they consume impact the environment and she launched Pili Restrepo Jewelry in Fall 2017 in an effort to create a conscious change. Pure Earth recognized Pili’s work in Spring 2018 for her commitment to responsible sourcing and for helping Pure Earth raise funds for their work in Colombia and worldwide. Pili Restrepo Jewelry is committed to giving back and sales from each collection support a different cause, with proceeds benefiting global organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Pure Earth, and other groups that have proven track records of transforming lives for the better.

Pili Restrepo Jewelry has been featured in numerous publications including: Vogue US, Vogue Mexico and Latinoamerica, Elle, National Jeweler, Into The Gloss, Man Repeller, Women’s Wear Daily, and Studio Dore, among others.



Born in Colombia, raised in Spain, schooled in Italy, and living between New York City and Miami, Pili’s work juxtaposes the various facets of the rich global cultures she embodies. She refreshes old-world glamour with new-age cosmopolitanism and vivacious creativity. Her inspiration comes from her travels across the globe, her interest in disciplines like architecture and ballet, and her desire to bring the power of nature’s most beautiful materials into our everyday lives. Pili Restrepo’s work combines a commitment to excellence, material, and finding joy in the details. She encourages you to make her jewelry your own.


Every piece of Pili Restrepo Jewelry is handmade in New York City by master artisans using materials such as fair mined, mercury-free and/or recycled 10k and 14k gold, ethically-sourced semi-precious and precious stones, and colorful enamel.