beget collection

Pili's fascination with hands started at an early age as she would spend her summers working at her uncles' bakery making bread.

The beauty of the hands in motion and in contact with the dough, the magic that they can do, their noble imperfections- veins, scars, fingers... is translated into her first ever fine jewelry collection that aims to highlight the power of imperfection and asymmetry. According to Aristotle, the hand is the "tool of tools." It is used in gestures of greeting and friendship. In Asian cultures, for example, use the hands to demonstrate yin (left) and yang (right) energies.

The Beget collection blends the symbolism of both the eastern and western symbology while featuring colorful stones like tanzanites and spessartines and black diamond accents. As with all her work, the newest collection crafted in mercury-free 10 karat yellow gold.  The pieces serve as a daily reminder of fraternal love and balance.



Inspired by the power of transformation, CIRCE is Pili Restrepo’s latest collection. 

Each piece seeks to find pleasure in the mundane and explores the relationship between seduction and balance. Crafted in mercury-free 10 karat yellow and white gold and featuring pastel-colored semi-precious stones and enamel, the collection celebrates the resolved and persisted synergy that can only be born when two opposites collide.



Circe Pearl Collection is both serene and ethereal. Daughter of the sun and sea, Circe explores the subtle silhouettes and the intrinsic shapes of some of nature's most perfect organisms. The collection is meant to be worn from day to night with its lightness, fluidity, tones, and composition. Each piece is crafted in 10k mercury-free gold and freshwater pearls.



Inspired by Pili’s iconic and beloved Noora ring, her newest collection aims to explore the notions and traditions of humanity’s deepest sense of strength and familial bonds.

Conceived as heirlooms and crafted using 10k mercury-free gold and Pili’s favorite stones - lapis lazuli, larimar, rubies, and pearls - these royal pieces carry visual power and strong meaning.