Portrait by Veronica Rafael 

Portrait by Veronica Rafael 




About pili


Pili Restrepo is known for her audacity, her boldness, and her object d’art aesthetic.

Born in Colombia, raised in Spain, schooled in Italy, and living between New York City and Miami, Pili’s work juxtaposes the various facets of the rich global cultures she embodies. She refreshes old-world glamour with new-age cosmopolitanism and vivacious creativity. Her inspiration comes from her travels across the globe, her interest in disciplines like architecture and ballet, and her desire to bring the power of nature’s most beautiful materials into our everyday lives.


Pili Restrepo creates jewelry to empower the wearer and she encourages you to make her jewelry your own.





Every piece of Pili Restrepo jewelry is handmade in New York City by master artisans using materials such as fair mined 10k and 14k gold, ethically-sourced semi-precious and precious stones, and colorful enamel. Each collection will also support a different cause, with proceeds benefiting global organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Pure Earth, and other groups that have proven track records of transforming lives for the better. From the raw materials to the finished product and beyond, Pili Restrepo aims to enrich the world, bringing prosperity, joy, and hope to all.